Tree Care & Maintenance

Why should you hire a certified arborist?

A Certified Arborist is an educated specialist in the maintaining of trees. The selection of a tree care provider is a significant decision. Neglected trees can become a hazardous liability, while cared for trees can increase your property value both aesthetically and financially.

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Recommendations for removal will be assessed based on specific criteria and knowledge. We can perform necessary work and reduce property damage potential or eliminate diseased specimens.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Structural pruning is often the most important strategy in providing for sound growth habits, especially in our urban environments. As your tree care provider, we will determine appropriate measures to maintain or improve the health, appearance, and safety of your trees.


The right tree in the appropriate location can provide many years of enjoyment. Selection assistance can also minimize maintenance and certain disease/insect problems.


Some chemicals are difficult to safely or effectively apply with traditional methods. Newer technology allows us to administer a variety of treatments internally without affecting the surrounding environment. These treatments vary from fungicide applications to suppress Oak Wilt infection to plant growth regulators that inhibit undesirable seed production.


Integrated pest management and proper fertilization can often extend the life of trees especially during establishment and mature stages. We are able to assess your trees' needs.


Macro and Micro Nutrients that are essential to your trees and shrubs are injected under pressure right to the plants root zone in a slow release form. We can customize a fertilizer to meet your property's specific needs by testing your soil to determine deficiencies.


Our spray applications can control and prevent problems with your trees and shrubs. These applications can be administered systemically or topically depending on the specific conditions involving your landscape.

[The Alan Horticulture] landscapers have cleaned up [our property] completely, and it looks beautiful. They did an outstanding job spade edging around the garden beds. As always ... [I'm thankful] for everything their folks do.

Tony D.


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