Stunning Drought Tolerant Groundcovers

For Trouble Spots In The Landscape

With the arrival of summer and less rain, our focus shifts towards the plants that offer coverage for potentially barren patches and areas with limited growth. Groundcovers, available in various colors, sizes, and shapes, play a crucial role in filling in bare spaces near Maple trees, in shaded locations, as landscape fillers, on slopes, and elsewhere.

Discover a comprehensive guide on incorporating striking, drought-tolerant groundcovers into your landscape to create a unified design and fill those gaps!

Drought Tolerant Groundcover: Epimedium

With heart-shaped leaves, this groundcover grows slow, but has an excellence shade tolerance under trees and shrubs. The flowers will bloom in lavender, yellow, white, and red, while the leaves themself also show off in stunning lime green and purple.

If the plant is located in a very protected area with leaf mulching, the plant may even retain its foliage through the winter. To encourage healthy growth for our Chicago climates, it is best to cut back the plant in early spring.

Epimedium Drought Tolerant Groundcover Plant Details:

  • Grows 18 inches tall and 2 feet wide
  • Plant in part to full shade

Drought Tolerant Groundcover: Periwinkle

This groundcover is an important staple for any landscape design with large coverage areas or trouble spots under Maple trees. Periwinkle is a spreading groundcover with dark trailing foliage that produces bright flowers of white, blue, or purple in the spring.

This popular and reliable perennial will keep its leaves through the winter and can even be planted on sloping areas. It is even possible to mow your periwinkle to keep it thick and lush, just set your mower to a high setting.

Periwinkle Drought Tolerant Groundcover Plant Details:

  • Grows 6 inches tall and 18 inches wide
  • Plant in full sun and partial shade

Drought Tolerant Groundcover: Ostrich Fern

Both moist and dry soil will work for this groundcover perennial. The Ostrich Fern will grow in both full sun or shade and spread through roots under ground. Known most for its feathery fronds, the leaves unfurl in early spring and are a perfect choice for woodland landscaping or shaded hillsides. In times of drought, the plants won’t grow as tall or spread as quickly, but will survive until rainy seasons return.

Ostrich Fern Drought Tolerant Groundcover Plant Details:

  • Plant in full sun to full shade
  • Grows 6 feet tall by 3 feet wide

Drought Tolerant Groundcover: Blue Fescue

These low-growing mounds of ice blue grasses are a wonderful addition to any landscape. Perfect for the garden border or walkway, these groundcovers display well all season long and will even flower with a tan stalk in later summer. Able to stand up to the heat of summer, this plant has even been used for stream beds, green roofs, and rock gardens.

Blue Fescue Drought Tolerant Groundcover Plant Details:

  • Plant in full to part sun
  • Grows to 1 foot tall and 9 inches wide